Amawindt Bhubesi and Beano 3 weeks old



Tuffa Bobbi



Tigerberg Reuntjie 4



Grasland GBT Magic Bom-Bon, 5weeks




Tigerberg Peanut 6 weeks old

Molosser De Boeren

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Tuffa Bobbi



Bundu Vally Reuntjie 6


Tigerberg Leeloo 7weeks




Tuffa Bobbi




Demolition Man6weeks Shakira pup



This site is dedicated to:

The Boers' Mastiff --- The Farmers' Mastiff

The Boerboel

This site is dedicated to the Boerboel, and to those who are interested in, and are serious about, improving the Boerboels' health and quality. With this site, I will, to the best of my abilities, and within my capabilities, promote this breed from my homeland - South Africa. I will endeavour to provide all manner of information and tools that any owner or breeder of the Boerboel may use to improve the overall health and well-being of the breed as a whole, as well as any individual animal. This is my pledge.

I hope to cover every aspect of the Boerboel - with info on health issues - links to good sites I have found for answers - a comprehensive pedigree tree with tools to assist breeders in making the best informed decision they can.

This will take a lot of work, and will require a lot of input and info. You can assist in this, in entering or supplying the detail required about your Boerboels - The effectiveness of such tools hinge on the amount of data, and the accuracy of such data. By supplying yours, and informing me of errors, you help yourself and others, but the overall winner is the Boerboel breed.

I do hope you will provide whatever info you possess on your Boerboels - it is all done in aid of the Boerboel, and the improvement of its health and welfare.



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